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About mE

I grew up in Massachusetts, where I began drawing regularly in my single digit years. While at university, I became interested in using art as more than just something to pass time but as a form of expression and communication of ideas. I began exploring other mediums around this time, including acrylic and digital painting as well as vector art and spray paint. Living in the city of Boston around 2013 I became very involved with various aspects of graffiti and street art culture, I believe this had a large impact on how my artistic abilities and styles took shape and form.


Art is an exploration of the potential of the self. I am always looking for more. I am constantly searching to find new creative techniques, and form pareidolia, and flow and to develop my emotive abilities. Recently, I have been working and living in Denver, Colorado. I find that being out here has allowed me to use the beautiful landscapes and open skies, of the rocky mountain region, as a source of inspiration and peace.

self portrait2019.jpg


Digital pieces available
for download or print
purchase upon request

Use the subject line
Pre-made" and provide the name of the digital piece you want from my website in the body of your email!

Digital or handcrafted pieces made-to-order
upon request

Use the subject line "Custom" and specify digital or handmade in the body of your email. Please include your desired material too!

Live painting experience
at your festival, concert,
or party

Use the subject line "Event" and include date, time, and place specifics in the body of your email. I can often be available on short notice!



Live painting is a fun way to share my process and my various pieces as they grow. I have painted for audiences at several music festivals and I hope to continue pursuing such opportunities.

Paintin on Facebook Live

"A man of flow, art, and Brazilian Jujitsu, his art often features beings that seem straight out of the DMT world, but behind the intensity there is a gentle, compassionate, and present human."


PROCESS & Sketching

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